From 8 September to 7 October, the photographic exhibition "A disegnar le vigne.Le Colture un racconto per immagini" will be held in Valdobbiadene.


From 8 September to 7 October 2022, the photographic exhibition "A DISEGNAR LE VIGNE. LE COLTURE UN RACCONTO PER IMMAGINI', dedicated to the Unesco heritage wine-growing area.

Much more than a simple photographic collection, but rather a testimony through images aimed at paying homage to the Valdobbiadene territory through a series of iconic shots born from the free interpretation of the well-known Marche-based photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi.

The inauguration, scheduled for Thursday, 8 September at 6.30 p.m., will include greetings from the institutions, speeches by the Ruggeri family, photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi, exhibition curator Denis Curti, and territory expert and historian Miro Graziotin.

A toast and buffet will follow, with jazz music accompaniment by the duo Gege Viezzi (violinist) and Luca Di Rubba (pianist).