Semi-sparkling wines


Bottle Refermented Wine

“Incalmo” is a sparkling wine made from the Glera grape following the historic method of secondary fermentation in the bottle. A manifest wine which came from the desire of the Ruggeri siblings to create a product that would go beyond classifications, a family wine, a transversal expression of the wine-making quality of Le Colture.

Through it we rediscover the most authentic and ancient traditions of the Treviso countryside, where, indeed, sparkling expressions were produced by exploiting the phenomenon of secondary fermentation in the bottle: the only way to be able to produce wines with light perlage before the advent of modern sparkling techniques. For Incalmo, secondary fermentation takes place spontaneously in the bottle: as the temperature rises, the yeast resumes its work by continuing to transform the residual sugar still present.
The natural deposit of a thin residue on the bottom of the bottle, gives the wine its typical straw-yellow haziness and is also responsible for the fragrant aromas of crusty bread, butter and dried fruit and the dry, crisp, fresh taste, without the presence of sugars.
The perlage is very often quite subtle and lively, delicate.
A wine that is easy to drink but never banal, in fact it becomes very complex over time and across different vintages, thanks, in part, to the residue that helps preserve its fragrance.
This versatility makes the wine a good choice both for more sophisticated dishes and for more traditional, rich dishes.
To enjoy as it is, without decanting it, maybe making a small movement so that every diner has the same, sheer glass.

The design of the label, by Aldo Rebuli, an artist based in Valdobbiadene, depicts the symbolic embrace between the plant and the work of Man. An image that perfectly captures the production philosophy of the second generation which, whilst being firmly anchored to the high wine-making tradition of Prosecco Superiore, exhibits an innovative spirit and a desire for experimentation from which Incalmo is the first, direct ambassador.

Alcohol content 11% vol.

Residual sugars 1-2 g/l

Pressure in the bottle 3 atm.

Acidity 5 g/l

Bottles 0.75 lt.

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